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Selling Help

Selling on Abletrader
How do I begin selling on Abletrader?
First you need to register and confirm your email address. See the General Help section for registering information. Be careful when choosing your username, as it cannot be changed later.
Who can be a sell?
Both private individuals and professional dealers can sell on Abletrader, as long as they are at least 18 years old.
Listing Fees
How do Abletrader listing fees work?
Most listings are completely free. In the future, there may be a flat, one-time fee per listing for retail dealers. Such listing fees would differ depending on the category and features selected. Item listing periods are good for one month, unless specified otherwise. There are no additional fees or commissions.
How am I billed for listing fees?
If it is not a free listing, after completing each ad you will be billed for the listing package you select and can pay with a credit card or Paypal. For those planning on listing multiple items, memberships are available to purchase multiple listing packages in bulk.
Is there a fee to get started (open a Store)?
Getting your unique store is currently free. There's no setup cost or monthly fee.
If I edit a listing, is there any fee for that?
Modifying and editing your listings is always free.
Managing your Listings
When does my listing expire?
One month after the date it is listed, unless specified otherwise. You will be given a chance to renew your listing by clicking “Renew Now.” Expired listings remain available for renewal until they are deleted.
How do I view all my active Listings?
If you're already at My Trader, click on “My Listings".
How do I edit a listing’s information and photos?
Go to My Trader, then select “My Listings” and click the “Modify” link in the row of the item you wish to edit. When finished editing, click “Save Changes” at the bottom.
How do I delete a listing?
Go to My Trader, then select “My Listings.” Click the “Delete” button in the row of the listing you wish to delete, then confirm.
Creating new Listings
Step 1: Select your item Category & Listing Package
Can my listing appear in more than one Category?
No, because all listing packages are sorted by category.
Step 2: Describe your Item
Can I make changes to the item description later?
Yes, you may modify your listing information as often as you wish.
Step 3: Upload Images
How do I add/upload photos to my listing?
Click the browse button and locate the image on your computer. Once the image is selected, click the upload button. Once uploaded, you'll see a thumbnail of the image.
Can I add a photo that exists on the web?
No, the image must reside locally on your computer.
Can I edit or remove photos from my listing?
Yes, at any time. And there's no charge for this.
Can I change the order of photos in my listing?
Yes, you can reshuffle the order. The first image you upload will be the primary thumbnail and detail photo.
Step 4: Confirm your Seller information
Step 5: Review your Listing
What happens if I don't finish my listing?
Unfinished listings can be found and resumed at: My Trader > My Listings
Expired Listings
When does my listing expire?
One month after the listing date, unless specified otherwise.
How do I view the listing Expiration dates?
You can view them in your My Trader account by clicking on “My Listings.”
Renewing an Item Listing
What does Renewing mean?
Renewing a listing adds another month it will be listed for sale on the site.
When should I Renew an item?
You can renew a listing at any time. If the item has yet to expire, you'll be topping off the listing period, adding more time.
Adding Listing photos
I'm having trouble uploading pictures, can you help?
File sizes should be 250k or below -- most users will timeout before uploading larger files than that. Ensure the file is a properly encoded jpeg, gif, or png.
What file format can I use for my photos?
The following file extensions are valid: JPEG, JPG, GIF and PNG. All images are resampled as JPEGS with a quality of 90. Uploading animated GIFs won't work.
What dimensions should my uploaded Photo be?
It should be around 600 pixels wide, and roughly square in shape.
What resolution should my Photo be?
Every image on the web is displayed at 72-dpi (dots per inch). Anything greater than that will create very large file sizes without adding anything to the quality.
Aftter the sell, collecting the buyer's payment
How do I get paid by the buyer?
You should specify the payment methods you accept when listing an item and when agreeing to a purchase.
PayPal Issues
What is PayPal™, how does it work?
Credit card payments are easily accepted through a third-party service called PayPal. You will need to open an account with PayPal by going to Then buyers can send you secure payments via credit card to the account assigned to your email.
Do I need a PayPal account to sell on abletrader?
It's not required, but the majority of sellers offer it, and buyers prefer it.
How do I report a seller or buyer?
You can contact us for help.