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Do you have a wheelchair or van you wish to sell, but unsure exactly how to do it? Do you find it complicated to research, prepare, list, negotiate, follow-up and ship it? Selling mobility equipment responsibly and successfully can be difficult. Through consignment, we offer to handle the entire selling process for you, with no up front fees. Here is how it works...

How Consignment Works

A Free Appraisal

First, we like to start with a free appraisal of the item you want to sell, then we discuss various options and what we determine is the best strategy to sell it. We explain which specific consignment arrangement is suitable for your item, then you can decide if you would like to work with us and proceed further.

We handle all the Selling

Next, we create various listings and submit them with multiple sales outlets, making sure to represent your item accurately and completely. Our experience and resources help us determine the best methods for presentation and promotion. As interested buyers respond, we handle all inquiries and purchase offers, making sure the item is appropriate for the buyer as well.

We arrange for secure Payment

At the close of sale, we will handle all payment transactions, making sure to avoid any online scams or fraud. We accept Paypal, money orders and checks. then thoroughly verify all payments clear before any items are shipped.

We oversee the Delivery

After payment clears, we walk you through any necessary packaging and arrange for shipping or delivery. We shop multiple shipping carriers and freight services to determine the best method.

Follow-Up & Follow-Through

We handle all buyer feedback and insure that buyers are satisfied with their purchases. We will notify you when the sale is complete and disburse funds by check or Paypal.

Got Questions? If you are interested in learning more about our consignment service, feel free to contact us by email or call us 336-501-8179.