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The Abletrader Story

In 2010, Abletrader was launched to help others buy & sell their used wheelchairs, accessible vans and mobility equipment, and to serve as a resource to help others learn more about what's available and how to acquire the funding to get it.

A note from Lindsay:

After my fall in 2003 resulted in level C6 quadriplegia, I went through the normal motions: first, was the frantic search for a cure, then I tried desperately to reclaim some sort of normalcy to my life and those closest to me. With only partial use of my arms remaining I sought day after day for adaptive equipment to help me become as mobile & independent as possible.

Over time I accumulated a wide range equipment… including a van, several wheelchairs, daily living aids, various adaptive furniture, tools, exercisers, etc. Some of it helped immensely & some was not a good fit. Then much of what initially worked well would later become obsolete as I slowly progressed. Nevertheless, after 4 years, my parent's garage was literally packed with equipment I no longer needed, totaling an estimated retail value of over $60,000. The question naturally arose:

How do I find others looking for mobility equipment at a fair price?

First, I tried Ebay with limited success; then I tried Disabled Dealer, but found that experience frankly depressing. As fate would have it, over coffee one afternoon I mentioned my disappointment to my good friend Sam… moments later the idea of abletrader began to take shape. We instantly started developing a website to fill this large gap in the mobility market. It would be a simple and friendly place for people to research, buy & sell their used vans and mobility equipment online. In addition to ease-of-use, we made a concerted effort to promote maximizing what is possible, rather than reinforce conventional views of disability. Positivity is contagious, and that’s exactly what we wanted others to gain from Abletrader.

So here we begin, with bold expectations for the future.  If you ever have any suggestions or ideas on ways we can improve & grow, please do not hesitate to let us know...

Learn more about Lindsay at his personal website