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It's Free and Simple...

You can sell it on Abletrader. It's Easy!

Abletrader is an online marketplace connecting private sellers & dealers with interested buyers nation-wide.
Here you can list any used wheelchair or accessible van for sale. No fees & no commissions for private sellers.

How Selling Works

1. Register & Sign in

Only registered users can buy and sell on abletrader. Registering is free and simple. In the process, you'll create your own username & password and then we will send you a confirmation email. Once you repy to our email we instantly activate your new account.

2. List Your Items for FREE

After you sign in, you can post new listings immediately of items for sale. The listing process involves four easy steps. We recommend having your photos ready beforehand. Currently all private seller listings are free! Each listing will remain active for up to 30 days, unless you delete them beforehand.

3. Be Ready to Sell

Registered members will respond to your listings either by email or private message unitil to find a suitable buyer. You choose the payment methods you accept, though for safety we strongly recommend PayPal. Unless your item is sold using abletrader consignment, purchase payments are always handled directly between you and the buyer. Once you receive payment, you can arrange for shipping, delivery or local pick up.

For more info, visit our Help Section, Shipping Tips or Contact us.

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