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General Help

Here you'll find answers to common questions about Abletrader. For more specific questions, check out the Buying Help and Selling Help pages.
Registering & Sign In
How do I get started on Abletrader?
Everything starts on Abletrader by registering. Go to our homepage and click on “Register.” Here you enter some basic information and create your username and password for your “My Trader” account. Be careful when choosing your username because it cannot be changed later! You’re account will be instantly activated once you reply to our confirmation email. Once you're registered, please consult our Buying FAQ and Selling FAQ for more info.
Why can't I login?
You can't login if your account is not yet activated. When you first register with Abletrader, we send you a confirmation email. You'll just need to reply to this email to get started. If you cannot find the email anywhere, you can try the following:

Check your junk email folder.
Turn off your SPAM filters.
When typing your password, make sure CAPS LOCK is off.
Follow the link on the login page to receive your id & password via email.
If these steps fail, please contact us.

Your Account – aka “My Trader”
How do I add/update my profile & Bio?
Login to My Trader and go to My Profile.
How do I change my password?
If you can't login, follow the link on the login page to receive your password. We'll send you an email (to the address you have on file) with your login information.
If you can login to My Trader, go to My Profile and you can change your password there and save the changes.
How do I change the email address for My Trader account?
Simply login to My Trader, go to My Profile and enter in your new email and save the changes.
Site Abuse
How do I report a violation of Abletrader's rules?
You may send an email on the contact us page. We take all such matters seriously and act on them promptly.
I have an idea to make Abletrader better, would you like to hear it?
We are always looking for new ideas and improvements. Please contact us with your suggestions.