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Payment Methods

There are several options for secure payments when you buy and sell items listed on Abletrader. Each seller can choose which method they accept. All payment transactions are handled directly with the buyer and seller, unless the item is sold using Abletrader consignment. In all dealings and transactions please be sure to follow our recommended online safety practices. These are the most typical payment options:


We recommed using Paypal whenever possible, since it has proven to be one of the most secure options for both buyers and sellers, and is widely accepted. It's an online service that's free for buyers sending payment and only charges a small fee to the seller.
Visit to learn more and register an account.

Credit Cards

Some sellers accept major credit cards or debit cards. Credit cards are one of the safest ways to purchase items.

Personal Checks

Many sellers accept personal checks and will delay shipment of your purchase until your check has cleared.

Money Orders

Some sellers accept money orders which can be purchased at many financial institutions and convenience stores. We strongly discourage the use of money orders given the rise in fraulent scams and fake documentation.


Some sellers will accept cash, though we do not recommend that buyers use this method unless you arepicking up apurchased item in person. Always be careful when sending cash through the mail.