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Accessible Travel Resources

Links to diverse sites about accessible traveling from the amazing
European Network for Accessible Tourism
Links with accessibility info for destinations worldwide.
Wheel the World
An online database with disability travel resources in various categories.
Disability World
A database with info on accessibility of hotels and tourist attractions.
Disability Travel & Recreation Resources
Links on travel planning, destinations, air travel, books, and camps for children.
MossRehab ResourceNet
Addresses & links for travel agencies, hotels, rentals, publications...
Info on travel agents, home exchange, travel companions, and reviews.
Access-Able Travel Source
Search by country for hotels, access guides, agents, cruises, reviews, links, etc.
Travel Guides
Links to travel guides, databases, guided tours, magazines, etc.
Wheelchair Access
Lists travel links for many countries.
Holiday Access Direct
Links for flights, accommodation, rentals, cruises and adventure travel.
Accessible Everything
Online disabled travel blog with many stories and useful links.
Good Access Guide
Helps booking flights and lists links for accommodation and cruises.
Links to articles, international exchange programs, publications, organizations.
Emerging Horizons
Online accessible travel magazine, regularly updated links around the world.
Gimp On The Go
A disabilities travel magazine with tips, reviews, news, and links.
Mobility International Schweiz
An online database with about 700 links and brochures available worldwide.
An online disability magazine with useful tips, stories, and links on travelling.
Barrier Free Travel
Weblog with tips, stories, and broadcasts by the editor of Emerging Horizons
An online database for accessibility of places & buildings in Europe.
Spinalist Tips
Useful tips for daily living for spinally injured people
The SCI Zone
Resources for people living with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)
Disability World
A bimonthly web-zine of international disability news and views
General information resource for people with disabilities
Global Access News
is packed with useful info for the disabled world traveller
World on Wheelz
Disabled travel advice worldwide
The Thorn Tree
A forum with a thread for disabled travellers
Toegankelijk Reizen
Lists travel information in four languages
UN Enable
Information on the international rights of persons with disabilities.
Matching Houses
People with disabilities swap houses with the same accessibility needs.
Low budget accessible accommodation all around the world.
Searchable database for accessible accommodation.
Database for searching accessible accommodation in the UK and abroad.
Worldwide list of accessible homes for sale, rentals and vacation properties.
Urlaub im Rollstuhl
Lists 100 wheelchair accessible accommodations in Europe, Carribean, and USA.
Wheelchair Accessible Europe
Hotel guide for accessible accommodation around Europe.
Select and search for accessible camping sites in Europe.
Accessible holiday homes
Swap homes with other wheelchair users.
Trip Wheeling
Provides information about access worldwide
Mobility Air Transport
Air travel for wheelchair users who cannot fly on commercial airlines.
New Disability
Wheelchair van rentals world-wide.
Wheelchair Access
Links to equipment and rentals world-wide.
Flying with a Disability
Will quell fears of this method of transport.
Accessible Travel & Leisure
Holidays for people with disabilities to destinations worldwide.
Holidays With Access
Worldwide holiday services for people with disabilities.
Disabled Accessible Holidays
Accessible holidays world-wide, airport transfers, accommodation, excursions.
Flying Wheels Travel
Escorted tours to destinations around the world, custom independent travel planning.
Accessible Journeys
Travel programs, planning, group tours, cruises, licensed travel companions.
Easy Access Travel
Helps with travel planning and specializes in accessible cruises.
Nautilus Tours & Cruises Ltd.
Helps with travel planning, accessible tours and cruises.
Jubilee Sailing Trust
Opportunity for able-bodied & disabled people from different countries to sail together.
World on Wheelz
Arrangements for wheelchair users & seniors with special needs world-wide.
All Access Travel
Customized vacations, destination consulting, transportation & accommodation.
RollOn Travel
Group and individual tours in Asia, Europe, North America, and Australia.
Mare Nostrum
A travel agency specialized in disabled travel in Europe.
Accessible Europe
Tours, transportation, equipment rental, cruises, etc. around Europe.
Crip College
Christian Bagg's website, offers practical advice for paraplegics.
Links to stories and sites relevant to all levels of paralysis
Wheelchair Junkie
Mark provides views on life in a powerchair
Despite Multiple Sclerosis, and gives good advice on many subjects
Mike's Site
Promotes stem cell research
A toilet/urinal that fits into your handbag or backpack..
A pocket-sized disposable toilet/urinal.
New Disability
Wheelchair rentals in Europe and USA.
Wheelchair Access
Links to equipment and vehicle rentals in Europe and USA.
Mobility Advisor
A resource for wheelchair and mobility information.
Goes Anywhere
A portable, lightweight and affordable shower chair.
Work & Study
MIUSA (Mobility International USA)
Empowers people with disabilities to achieve human rights via exchange programs.
Independent Living Institute
The project ‘Study and Work Abroad for All’ at universities in Europe, US, etc.
European Agency for Dev. in Special Needs Ed
Assessments of accessibility in educational settings in different countries.