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Levo LCEV standing wheelchair - power-stand-up, red 16x18
LOADED with many premium accessory upgrades
Location: Greensboro, NC 27408    |   Seller Phone: 336-501-8179

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Price: $3,750
Listed: Aug-13-2017
Views: 183
Make: Levo
Model: LCEV Stander
Size: 16x18 (adjustable)
Condition: Used
Serial#: 715228
Shipping: $65 UPS Ground

Levo LCEV standing wheelchair for sale

power stand-up function | compact TiLite-style ultralight frame

Ready to stand up from your wheelchair? The Levo LCEV has a power standing feature to raise up to a full vertical position without any physical effort.. or any position in-between to ease spasms/ tightness. It's suitable for both everyday use & for rehab therapy. Designed like a compact TiLite ZRA-style frame, it has a total average weight of just 57 lbs. The adjustable design allows users to modify the frame & seat to best fit their specific build & needs. For easy travel, the rear wheels and casters have quick-release axle pins, and the seat back folds down. Levo is known for its high-quality European craftsmanship.

Regaining the independent ability to stand-up anytime/anywhere gives us back a unique freedom, plus substantial therapeutic benefits & broader accessibility options. Simply being able to interact eye-to-eye with others in social settings is such an elating feeling, it's tough to put in words. There are also significant health benefits from standing, including: increased muscle tone & bone density, improved circulation & digestion, reduced spasticity, and pressure sore prevention. This model features:

- Effortless, battery-powered standing function
- Flip-up tubular armrests
- Dual flip-up footplate
- New Comfort Co. CURVE seat cushion
- New rear wheels, with Aero-Flex flat-free tires
- New hollow, tri-spoke front caster wheels
- New tension-adjustable Comfort Co. Elements padded seat back
- New batteries & battery charger
- Adjustable seat depth

Seat Size: 16” wide, 18" deep (seat depth is adjustable in 1" segments)
Serial Number: LCEV-715228

Condition: Excellent, in full working order.

Thanks for your interest! Feel free to email or call us at 336-501-8179 with any questions.

Do You Need Any Custom Modifications to Better Fit Your Specific Needs?
At ableTrader, we have plenty of extra parts/accessories to customize most any item to best fit your specific needs. Custom modifications such as: seat-depth adjustment, seat-back height, chest-straps, rear-wheels, caster size, etc. We can even add Alber E-Motion power-assist wheels that are interchangeable with the manual wheels.

Model Info from the Manufacturer
About the Levo LAE standing wheelchair - The compact Levo LCEV is an active, agile manual wheelchair that provides effortless standing at the touch of a button. The quiet electric actuator moves you smoothly from seated to full standing - or you can stop securely and comfortably at any position in between! You can elevate & stand-up for a presentation at work, then later both sit down for dinner and then stand to join your friends at the bar. The LCEV allows you to get vertical anytime & anywhere, giving you a new level of freedom & independence, while also providing all the therapeutic and lifestyle benefits that standing brings. It's suitable for ordinary everyday use as well as for your daily rehab therapy. It features:

- Lightweight & Adaptable Frame - Made of high-grade aluminum, the LCEV has a mere 57 lbs. average total chair weight. The seat can be raised to any angle between seated & standing.

- Adjustable Seating Size - Seat depth adjusts in 1” increments. The fold-down seat back position angle is adjustable. The footplate is height & angle adjustable. Rear wheels camber tube position is vertically & horizontally adjustable.

- Compact & Portable - The lightweight frame has a small footprint… along with a fold-down backrest, and quick-release rear wheels & front casters that come easily with the press of a button.

Seller Info
Seller: ableConsignment
Location: Greensboro, NC
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