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FLEXICISER glider exerciser - wheelchair-accessible FLEX100
ACTIVE Glider Wheelchair Exercise + PASSIVE Range-of-Motion
Location: Greensboro, NC 27408    |   Seller Phone: 336-501-8179

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Price: $1,500
Listed: Nov-04-2020
Views: 772
Make: Flexiciser
Model: FLEX100
Condition: Used
Shipping: UPS Worldwide

FLEXICISER Wheelchair-Accessible Exerciser for sale

ACTIVE Glider Cardio Exercise + PASSIVE Range-of-Motion

Up for sale is a rare FLEXICISER wheelchair-accessible exercise glider. It's touted as the most popular powered exercise model specifically designed for wheelchair users. It's unique function combines active, passive, & resistive fitness therapy for simultaneous fitness/motion of your arms & legs. Its compact size makes it ideal for home-use. New models retail for $6,595.

Condition: Excellent, in full working order.

Thanks for your interest! Feel free to call us at 336-501-8179 with any questions.

Model Info from the Manufacturer
How the Flexiciser Works - The Flexiciser is a motorized "Physical Movement Therapy Device" (PMTD) designed specifically for wheelchair users. If you have limited body movement, alternative methods of active fitness and body motion are a must in order to maintain good health. You can utilize the Flexiciser's unique PMTD functions directly from their own power or manual wheelchair.

To exercise, you simply wheel up to the Flexiciser, secure your feet to the pedals, and then hold on to the handlebars. A simple switch turns on the unit's PMTD motor, and then you experience the powered movement of your arms & legs simultaneously in a natural stride motion. It provides a thorough range-of-motion without any excessive weight-bearing on your joints. Your arms, legs and trunk can be moved in three different modes in a smooth, steady and coordinated motion. The Flexiciser exercise modes include:
  • ACTIVE - You exercise along with the powered motor in coordinated arm & leg motion.
  • PASSIVE - The power motor moves each limb in a natural stride range-of-motion.
  • RESISTIVE - You exercise against the powered motor for isometric strength training.

Seller Info
Seller: ableConsignment
Location: Greensboro, NC
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