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LifeStand LS Helium standing wheelchair - stealth graphite finish
Compact, lightweight adjustable frame design + Power-assisted standing
Location: Greensboro, NC 27408    |   Seller Phone: 336-501-8179

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Price: $3,995
Listed: Apr-21-2018
Views: 239
Make: LifeStand
Model: Helium LS
Size: Adjustable
Condition: Used
Serial#: LS-65420
Shipping: $149 UPS, worldwide

LifeStand Helium LS standing wheelchair for sale

Compact, lightweight adjustable frame design + power-assist standing

The Helium LS is an ideal stander for active users, combining innovative ultralight materials & design with the world's most advanced standing technology. The adjustable seating design allows for a customized, tailored fit that contours to users' specific build. Rise to a vertical standing position all in one smooth motion by rotating the side Handle Loops upwards, which activates gas strut cylinders that assist with the added power to stand-up with ease. The curved side armrests both fold-in to provide 360-degrees of padded support, making for a relaxing standing experience that's always safe & secure.

Regaining the independent ability to stand-up anytime/anywhere gives us back a unique freedom & a broader range of accessibility. Simply being able to interact eye-to-eye with others in social settings is such an elating feeling, it's tough to put in words. Standing also offers significant health benefits: increased muscle tone & bone density, improved circulation & digestion, reduced spasticity, and valuable pressure sore relief & prevention. This model features:

Seat Size: 16” wide, 18" deep *(seat depth is adjustable from 16" up to 21")
Serial Number: LS-65420

Condition: Excellent, in full working order. Some light wear/scratches from previous use.

Thanks for your interest! Feel free to email or call us at 336-501-8179 with any questions.

Do You Need Any Custom Modifications to Better Fit Your Specific Needs?
At ableTrader, we have both the extra parts/accessories & expertise to customize most any of our chairs to better fit your individual needs & preferences. So if you need any specific modifications like: seat adjustments, support accessories, wheel sizes, etc. just let us know.

Model Info from the Manufacturer
About the LifeStand Helium LS standing wheelchair - The LS is ideal for active, sporty people for use indoors and out. The seat depth and backrest can be adjusted to the user's build for a custom fit! The sleek, streamlined design emphasizes both style and functionality. Every element of the LS will catch your eye. Meticulously engineered, constructed with a variety of high-tech materials, the LS provides an ergonomically-friendly standing experience, one that safely puts you eye-to-eye among your friends and family with ease. It features:

- Simple, Smooth Standing - To stand-up the user grasps the side handles and pushes forward. This movement is assisted by dual gas struts to stand with amazing ease! Curved kneepads and fold-in armrests make standing comfortable, anatomically correct and provides for great freedom of movement in complete safety. A simple locking system prevents any involuntary standing during transfers.

- Adjustable Frame Design for a Custom Fit - To optimize positioning, the LS offers multiple customizable adjustments to fit each users unique height & build, including: adjustable seat depth, backrest angle, footrest height, etc. The rear wheel positioning adjusts to adapt the chair's center-of-gravity to your preference. Precise body positioning allows for the proper alignment of your hips, knees and ankles.

- Compact & Portable - It all starts with an ultralight frame with a small footprint... plus a fold-down backrest, kneepads that swing-out and then slide-out & quick-release rear wheels and front casters that come off easily with the press of a button.

used lifestand standing wheelchair for sale
Seller Info
Seller: ableConsignment
Location: Greensboro, NC
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